As an FAA Certified sUAV Remote Pilot I will work with you to fill your needs for 4K aerial video and High Resolution still images. Using my Professional Grade DJI Inspire 1v.2 Quadcopter eqipped with 3-axis gimble and high resolution camera for rock solid 4K videos and 12.5 Megapixel still images I can provide extremely high quality professional products. My specialty includes Real Estate aerials and Golf Course Flyovers and hole-by-hole golf course videography and photography.


Needing fresh images that define the character of your company or business?  I will work with you or your staff to produce original images that draw attention to those cherished qualities.


I am especially adept at producing images during press conferences, business openings, golf course scenics and public events that excite media outlets and promote good use of those images.


My high-tech equipment allows for immediate review and transmitting of those images to all news outlets within minutes of the event, if necessary.